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YIFY Torrents

Also branded as YTS. YIFY is a boutique torrent site. The site is also well known for high-quality movie releases. All the YIFY movies are highly adjusted to alter the size of the file. This also makes the site highly popular among rural people with an average internet connection. YIFY Torrents, however, becomes unavailable for brief periods like other torrent sites. And therefore, this is the reason why you should have a list of YIFY Torrent proxy and mirror sites handy.

Who is YIFY?

YIFY is a code-named pirate of New Zealand. This pirate started uploading torrents to different public torrent sites in 2010. YIFY stated that his foremost aim was to bring Hollywood movies to the masses. He wanted to bring the movies to a file size accessible to users. Even if the users have limited bandwidth and hard drive.


YTS is not the first movie pirate. Much before YIFY entered the pirate zone, aXXo used to rule the charts. aXXo specializes in leaking new movies to the public. aXXo uploaded high-quality movies with a file size of 700 MB that can be easily burnt down to a compact disc with a minimal effort.

YIFY movies, also stand out for excellent video quality and presentation superiority. “I think that many people are following and downloading YIFY encodes due to the consistency we offer in our releases. Everything from the consistent film cover art, to the information layout, and ultimately to the file-size of our encodes,” said YIFY.

YIFY’s rule ended in 2015 rather rudely, after YIFY’s official website was shut down by the MPAA. YIFY also signed an unprecedented settlement that involves paying for the damages. After this event, the imposters didn’t wait for long to fill the vacuum created by the original site. As of today, there are many copies of the original YTS site. The wildly popular YTS.AM site is one of the names in the list of imposters.

The Difference Between Proxy and Mirror Sites

YIFY Torrents proxy and mirror sites are not the same. While both mirror and proxy allow users to dodge internet restriction and access YIFY Torrents. The YIFY mirror sites that can download YIFY movies. In other words, this is incased if the official website of YIFY Torrents is down or access blocked by ISP’s.

A mirror site primarily means a copy of the original site. Mirror sites are hosted on a different server.  The mirror sites are normally by the owner of the original site. It is sometimes created by volunteers as well. The major benefit of a mirror site is the accessibility it offers. Users can access them even if the original site goes down.

In contrast to advantages, mirror sites also have a disadvantage. The mirror typically posts torrents late than the original site. If a torrent appears on YIFY Torrents at 2 PM on Friday. The YIFY Torrent mirror sites won’t list the torrent until Sunday. Some may take even more time than expected.

A proxy site, on the other hand, acts as a negotiator for requests from clients who seek resources from other sites. Imagine, you are nervous to speak to your crush and hence, ask a friend to find out or ask your crush, if they like you back. That is the overall essence of how a proxy works. Proxy sites are a great way to access blocked content on the internet safely.

Seven Best YIFY Torrents Mirrors

Here is a list of 7 Best YIFY Torrents mirror sites:

There are high chances are that some of the mirror sites listed above may not work. If this happens, we recommend you simply try the next one or try again later.

And remember to wear safety boots!

Top 7 Best YTS Torrents Alternatives

Apart from YIFY Torrents, there are many other movie-oriented torrent sites with very similar content.


This is YIFY Torrent is specialized in TV shows and movies. This site offers only verified torrents that are uploaded by trusted sources.


If you’re a crazy TV show enthusiast, this is the most relevant YIFY Torrents alternative for you.

Nyaa Nyaa

This site is a hub for anime lovers. In other words, Nyaa offers a wide range of animes. The list includes Japanese anime, movies, manga, games, and other content. You will find most of the torrents in the Japanese language. This, however, does not make English torrents difficult to come by.

TorLock TorLock

This torrent site has gained popularity because of its clean interface and freshly brewed movies.

run tracker ruTracker

RuTracker is a huge semi-public torrent site that has everything you could ask for. It also stores content that you had no idea about.

Torrentz2 Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a meta-search torrent engine. You can search multiple torrent sites at a go to find the best available torrent.

Is YIFY Torrents Safe?

YTS was the original YIFY Torrents site. It was a downloading arena for torrent users. Anyone from any part of the world could use this site to download the latest movies safely. That site is no longer accessible, and many different YTS clones have stepped in to replace it. While most file-sharing enthusiasts agree that no YTS clone will ever be as safe and trustworthy as the original site, there are certainly some YTS clones that are just as safe as most popular torrent sites.

How to Access YIFY Torrents Anonymously?

While there’s nothing inherently illegal about accessing YIFY Torrents, there also many reasons why you might not want your internet service provider, employer, or government to know that you’ve visited the site. We’ve already introduced YIFY Torrents proxies as a simple way how to access the site anonymously, but you have other options as well.


At present, YIFY Torrents is the king of high-quality movie releases that can be downloaded easily.  Many have decided to replace While the pioneer of the site is no longer active, and create copies of the original YIFY Torrents site. This article has a list of such clones and a few other torrent sites to find YIFY movies.


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