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YouTube to MP4

YouTube is the most popular go-to website which is the google of videos. People come here to upload videos, search content, go live and many more things. However, some people also love to download videos from YouTube. Moreover, they want audios from the site that is not available on any other platform. Therefore, converters are designed to help you convert such videos efficiently. Hence, this article has been created that focuses on the top 5 YouTube to MP4 converters.

What is YouTube to MP4 Converters?

MP4 is the most commonly used video formats widely. On the same, line YouTube to MP4 converter is the best method to rip audio from the YouTube videos and save it for later. They allow users to download and convert both audio and video formats to MP4. Some sites and applications also allow you to choose from a list of editing features.

Top 5 YouTube to MP4 Video Converter

YouTube converters can download and convert YouTube videos to different formats. It basically turns your favorite content into a podcast. Simply put, save the content and enjoy offline.

Since MP4 is the most used format to convert files, we have, therefore, prepared a list of the best YouTube to MP4 converters that let you download your favorites along with a wide array of features to choose from.

However, before proceeding, we recommend you to use the downloaded content only for personal use and not commercial purpose. Moreover, read all the Terms of Services of YouTube.

We trust your intentions and so, here is the list.

1. Online Video Converter

This is a free YouTube video converter that has unlimited options for conversions. This is also one of the most widely utilized applications that helps to download and convert videos from YouTube and many other popular sites. Moreover, the site is compatible with all browsers. Furthermore, it does not require a registration or software installation.

The site has a simple interface that allows downloading and converting videos in various formats. For instance, MP4, m4A, FLV, WMA, OGG, MP3, MOV, and many others. All you need to do is copy the desired URL and paste it after choosing the desired output format.

YouTube to MP4 Converters

2. YouTubeMp4

Simple and straightforward free YouTube to mp4 converter online. If you want a simple solution for converting your YouTube videos, this program is an apt choice. With a clean interface, the program supports converting your YouTube videos to MP4 and 3GP format. The process is simple and quick. You have to just paste the link of the video and choose the format, quality, and size of the file. The YouTube video will be converted in your desired format which can be downloaded from the program interface. The converted file can also be saved and downloaded to your mobile phone.

YouTube to MP4

3. SaveClipBro

This site has a chain of features with multiple editing options. It allows downloading videos from various kinds of available social media sites, video platforms, media libraries, and music services.  The list includes some famous names like Vimeo, DailyMotion, YouTube, Freesound, MTV, Facebook, Instagram, CNN, and many more. There are various editing options available on this site before converting files. It includes changing the bit rate, frame rate, cutting video, changing its size, and much more. Moreover, it also provides a QR code of the converted video. This to download the video on your smartphone.

online YouTube converters - 5

4. YouTube MP4

The name speaks for itself. A simple, friendly YouTube converter that is available online.  You can use this site to download videos in MP4 and 3GP. Moreover, the converted videos can be further downloaded on your computer or smartphones for offline purposes.  You will also get an option to select the quality of the output file. Most importantly, this site can be accessed online.  No software download, installation or registration required.

online YouTube converters - 7

5. HD Video Converter MP4

This site is the most famous one in the world of converters. This is because you can download videos in HD quality from all popular sites. The list includes YouTube as well. Moreover, the converted files can be saved on your smartphones, PC, and tablets. All you need to do is paste the video to choose the quality of conversion depending on your requirements. That is it.

online YouTube converters - 10

Is YouTube Converter Legal?

To be honest, YouTube never encourages and allows downloading of any content from its platform without authorization. This is because of the copyright concerned with the owner of the content. However, it is also not considered illegal to download and convert videos for personal use. Therefore, we recommend you to use the converted files for personal purposes and not commercialize it. You can also refer to the terms and conditions of YouTube services to get better clarity of the same.


Today, the number of users who wish to download content from YouTube is growing constantly. They may want to download videos, music, movies, and more. Fortunately, along with increasing users, the number of YouTube converters available at our disposal is rising as well.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the best YouTube converters who excel at converting YouTube to MP4. Explore all and choose the one that suits your needs. We hope you find this article useful and utilize it for the best purpose.



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