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Zoom Meetings Review: Everything you need to know about the user-friendly platform!

What is Zoom Meetings?

The global pandemic has given rise to the concept of social distancing, making it difficult to attend meetings and clients. However, you need not worry when Zoom Meetings is at your rescue. The platform is very well-known for its video conferencing tool to organize virtual meetings given the ground situation of coronavirus pandemic.

How about introduction to Zoom Meetings?

If you are sent a request link to join a zoom meeting then you need not make an account for the same. You will directly be added. However, you need to download the application from the Play Store first. 

You have the option of joining the call through a web app or installed app; always choose the latter for a better experience. 

If you are the host then you need to invite others by creating an account on the platform. You can use your email address and password to join for the same.

You have the ability to generate a unique Personal Meeting ID so that your participants can join very easily. 

With the free account you can have a conference call with 100 people at once for a limited 40 minutes. However, do not worry for there is no limit to the number of meetings you can host. 

What about the experience through Zoom Meetings?

Joining the team requires a little more effort and requires time even if you have successfully installed the application. When you join the call as a guest then you will either be bombarded with a notice asking you to wait or will directly join you in the video conferencing.

In case, there is an absence of waiting room then you can directly connect to the chat even before the host appears. 

You can easily disable or enable video. There is also an option for muting and unmuting your audio. The screen also shows the option of using a shortcut to enable account preferences. 

Zoom also allows you to add more participants to the call. You can easily create links and invite them with Meeting ID. 

What are the top features of Zoom Meetings?

There are two very exciting and innovative features for the participants. First, Virtual Background, which enables you to show that you are stuck at some lovely destination while in reality you are simply lazing on your messy couch. You can choose any of the custom images provided by the platform. Second, Touch Up My Appearance, which makes you camera-ready by simply removing your wrinkles and hiding your freckles. 

Breakout Rooms is one such feature, which allows you to divide your participants into groups to send them private messages, images, or videos. 

Cloud Storage allows you to record meetings for all those who could not attend the meeting. However, this option comes along with the paid plan. 

Click Meeting allows you to respond to each participant with a “Thank You” message dropping straight in the email box. 

How about the Paid Plans?

The platform is absolutely free however you can purchase the Enterprise plan to enable more customized options to make your conference call easier. The platform even supports small and medium business groups. The Zoom Business Retail costs $19.99 per month, which allows you to add three hundred participants instead of one hundred. 

You can even purchase the plan of $69.99 for adding five hundred participants and a $109.99 plan to add one thousand participants. This plan is meant for all the groups who want more people to be added to their conference calls.

However, if you have only less than fifty people attending your conference call then the basic plan suits you the best. 

Why use I use Zoom Meetings?

  • User-friendly experience
  • Easy for educational training and business training
  • You can meet the entire team virtually at once
  • Clear connections
  • No dropped calls
  • Free account
  • Stellar performance
  • The team addresses technical issues quickly
  • Amazing video clarity 
  • Crisp and clear audio 
  • Screen sharing tool 

Why should I go for other platforms?

  • A few technical glitches
  • Errors in signing in 
  • Requires a strong connection 
  • Security vulnerability
  • Can be easily hacked

Final Verdict

The software has definitely become the need of the hour to conduct business conferences given the ground situation due to the global pandemic. With the audio and video options, screen sharing, chat functions, and white-board options, the application is very easy to use. The easy to set-up application has come at your rescue to connect to clients all across the globe. If you are looking for user-friendly applications to connect calls then this is the best pick for you. 


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